I am a lifelong Liberal who grew up in a very politically active household. I have been helping with campaigns since before I was in school. I grew up in Winnipeg and moved north to Yellowknife in 1999 making this my home. I have been self-employed for over a decade running a dayhome. I am married, my husband David is also very politically active in his own right with the party. 

I am an active outspoken volunteer in my community.  I am a person who instead of getting angry and quitting when I see things that we could do better. I work to find solutions to help. My main focus is on volunteers and helping improve their experiences in whatever organization I am a part of. 

The Liberal Party was founded on a strong base of dedicated volunteers who believe in our movement and how we can make Canada the best place in the world to live. Everyone who puts themselves forward for positions on the National Board are rockstar volunteers who have dedicated their time to serving our party. 

What we can all offer is different ways to achieve our goals. 

I have spent the past 21 years in the north. To say things are challenging here is an understatement. When I started on the NWT board in 2008 we were deep in the process of rebuilding here. Trying to work towards getting a Liberal MP back in the NWT. We had to work on processes and things that would work for us in a rural, remote, unheld riding. A lot of tools just didn’t fit for us. 

I started reaching out to other Liberals on social media and finding a network of other people in similar situations. People serving on EDA boards that didn’t have a full complement. Where logistically we couldn’t meet but we were able to connect online. To share what we were doing that worked and what didn’t. Each riding is unique but there are many things we can learn from each other. 

I am running for National Party Secretary of LPC because I want to lift up our volunteers and really listen to the challenges they have and struggles they face.

We had losses in 2019 and although we formed  government, we are missing key areas of our country with Liberal representation. A lot of the ridings that are unheld, fall in rural or remote places. We also have entire provinces shut out of having any Liberal MPs. They have unique challenges that need to be worked on quickly to give them the tools to be successful in the next election. 

I grew up in a strong urban riding with a Liberal MP. We had tons of well trained volunteers who could easily go out knock on doors and things like blitzing were possible. You could quickly collaborate with nearby ridings to help and support events. Shifting to a riding with far fewer but extremely dedicated volunteers all spread throughout a massive riding was eye opening. We had to learn to adapt to become successful. I want to help bring this perspective to the national board. I want to help every Liberal volunteer get the resources they need.