I have spent the past 3 decades working in the trenches as a daily volunteer for LPC. I currently provide social media support which takes a few hours each day but is a way I have been able to contribute and give back while living in a remote place in northern Canada. It’s pretty rewarding to see happy people when you address their concerns online with follow up and they were not expecting an answer. It’s a role I have enjoyed immensely. In doing this type of volunteer work every day I have had time to reflect on things we could do better to grow our party. Here are some of my goals of things I hope to work towards as Party Secretary.

Provide support for EDAs without full compliments on their boards to expand and grow without being overwhelmed. 

Ensure a centralized list of all LPC social media accounts are available to EDAs to follow and help people grow their teams. 

Development of social media training courses for EDAs and candidates to provide best practices and ensure all accounts have knowledge loss retention plans in place. 

Expand on existing  Team Trudeau training programs to have special courses/training for unheld ridings. 

Work to change messaging to volunteers to be positive and uplifting when they are making gains however small and offer more training assistance when they are struggling. We want everyone to feel appreciated. We can’t do this without them. 

Continue to support and ensure our commissions have the tools they need to be successful and grow. 

Build upon our new found digital technologies we have embraced in the past year out of necessity to help ensure that all our membership can be included in events going forward.